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Laughing, Laughing
We're all laughing
Smiling, Smiling
We're all smiling

Grinning, Grinning
He's always grinning
Bubbly, Bubbly
He's always bubbly

Giggling, Giggling
We're all giggling
Gleeful, Gleeful
We're all gleeful

Sparking, Sparking
He's always sparkling
Hiding, Hiding
He's always Hiding

Bursting, Bursting
We're all bursting
Love him, Love him
We all love him

Saddened, Saddened
He's always saddened
Gone, Gone
He's gone

Gasping, Gasping
We're all gasping
Crying, Crying
We're all crying

Resting, Resting
He’s now resting
Grinning, Grinning
He’s now grinning
Strange how emotional this is for me. I don't really know why. But I am missing you funny man. 

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Everlasting90 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
RIP Robin Williams.
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August 13, 2014


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